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winpatrol blog
tech notes & security news from the creator of winpatrol

the event id page
for those of us trying to decipher arcane event id's

dark reading
tech security, it news, risky ie defaults, dealing with breaches-

digital inspiration tech
open dns, opening a free website, useful online tools - less techy and more for beginner-oriented than other tech links listed here, but solid, useful site. has useful html & css code


spyware sux
spyware sux. specific domain info on fishy, spy & malware offender sites.

national vulnerability database
us govt repository, for vulnerability management. tres cool software flaws db search engine. only for bona fide tech-heads

the govt dot
it's weather forecasting (the dot stands for dept of transportation)

security dot
tech vulnerabiities, exploits & articles.

bunny blog
a mix of tech & non-tech. be sure to check out bunny's haq i've done link

ny times tech blog listings
geek heaven indeed.

tech news tabloid style

the black dot
homepage to this monstrosity

rough type
rough type

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